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Beauty Equipment for Acne & Scars

Advantages of Acne & Scars Beauty Equipment

The Fractional CO2 laser Machie is powered by a 1000w mainframe power supply to ensure stable operation of the machine and sufficient energy output.

The Microneedle combines radio frequency with mechanical stimulation to stimulate the skin's self-repair system, the energy does not pass through the epidermis, no thermal damage to the epidermis, ensuring no side effects after surgery.

acne scar removal machine

Treatment Area of Acne & Scars Beauty Equipment

This kind of beauty equipment for sale are available for the face, arms, back and stomach. Different types of treatment heads and treatment modes are available, which can be changed according to the areas that the client needs to be treated.

Beauty Equipment for Acne & Scars

Remarkable Results of Acne & Scars Beauty Equipment

The acne laser scar removal machine's energy and penetration intensity can be adjusted according to each individual's treatment area to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Beauty Equipment for Acne & Scars
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