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Types of Commercial Laser Hair Removal Machines

hair laser removal equipment

Advantages of Hair Removal Beauty Machine Professional

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine and IPL Machine are equipped with a temperature sensing system inside the handle, and the contact surface with the skin is made of sapphire, with excellent cold transfer to the effect, comfortable treatment and completely painless; super power makes the hair removal effect more obvious; 20HZ sliding treatment greatly shortens the time needed for treatment; the water tank is made of Rotomolding process, clean, firm and durable, no limescale, rust, etc. in the process of use.

Treatment Area of Hair Removal Beauty Equipment

Nubway laser can conduct permanent hair removal on small areas such as armpits, arms, thighs, back and face.

Effect of Hair Removal Beauty Equipment

The hair grows less and less, slower and thinner, lighter and lighter in color, and stabilizes after 6 months. Permanent hair removal is achieved in 90% of patients who stop growing in the 9th and 12th month.

Types of Commercial Laser Hair Removal Machines
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