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Portable EMS+RF Sculpting Machine

machine for body contouring
machine body sculpt
machine for body sculpting
machine for body contouring machine body sculpt machine for body sculpting

With high intensity electromagnetic wave focusing technology, portable emsculpt machine can continuously trigger super strong muscle contraction to achieve high frequency extreme training, which can approach 100% muscle fibre activity, compared to 20-30% with normal exercise.

The super-strong muscle contraction requires a lot of energy to maintain, thus breaking down a large number of fat cells, achieving fat loss.Contact us for more information on portable body sculpting machine!

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Specification of Portable EMS+RF Sculpting Machine

Intensity7 Tesla
Screen12.4 Inch Touch Screen
Pulse Width310μs±10%
CoolingAir Cooling
VoltageAC220V±10% 10A50HZ, 110V±10% 10A 60HZ

Benefits of Portable EMS+RF Sculpting Machine


High-Intensity Electromagnetic Focusing technology stimulates 100% muscle fiber activity, reaching layers of muscle that exercise normally can't.


Get energized non-invasively, with no pain, no trauma, and no downtime.


The only emsculpt machine wholesale in the world that simultaneously increases muscle and reduces fat.


After treatment, fat loss is sustained due to an increased basal metabolic rate.


Automatic mode and professional mode can be switched freely, even inexperienced beauticians can get started quickly.

High Power

5000w output power, can make the two handles work independently.

Working Principle of Portable EMS+RF Sculpting Machine

Using high intensity electromagnetic wave focusing technology, the muscle contraction is continuously stimulated in a non-invasive manner in the muscle layer 7cm below the skin. The high frequency movement of the muscles causes some of the muscle fibres to break down and the muscles are remodelled and new collagen chains are produced, resulting in a tightening of the muscles and perfecting the body line. During this process, the energy demand of the muscles is increased and more adrenaline is released, which leads to the decomposition of a large number of fat cells, burning fat, increasing the body's metabolic rate, reducing internal body fat and achieving a slimming effect.

Technology of Portable EMS+RF Sculpting Machine

  • 12 inch capacitive screen, using tempered glass and screen integrated design, beautiful, clean, neat, 1200 * 800 high resolution, touch sensitive, clear display.

  • 5000W output power supply, using imported materials from Germany, can ensure the use in high frequency and ensure the life of the power supply.

  • Two independent power supplies, can support two kinds of handles to work independently, treating several customers at the same time, saving time.

  • Two kinds of handles, one for treating abdomen, buttocks, thighs and other positions. The other one is used to treat the calves, arms, lower thighs etc.

Applications of Portable EMS+RF Sculpting Machine

  • Muscle building: building local muscles, strengthening muscles, growing muscles, shaping peach buttocks, waistline, mermaid line.

  • Fat loss: consume energy, cut fat, prevent obesity, slim the body.

  • Shaping: improve the abdominal wall, buttocks, thighs and other parts of the skin sagging, tighten the muscles, restore muscle toughness.

  • Postnatal body repair: improve the increase in belly circumference caused by postnatal diastasis recti, belly flaccidity, restore the young body of postnatal mothers.

  • Youthful body: exercise to strengthen core muscles, increase basal metabolic rate, enhance metabolism, eliminate toxins and purify skin.

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