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Beauty Equipment for Gynecology

Advantages of Gynecology Beauty Equipment

Hifu Machine uses focused ultrasound technology to precisely position the treatment site on the pelvic floor muscle layer and pelvic floor fascia layer

Fractional CO2 Machine utilizes the thermal effect of mechanical waves to shrink the fiber layer and fascia layer, exercise the muscle layer and stimulate the cavernous body. Both machines can promote the metabolism of the entire vaginal wall and improve the repair ability. The 360-degree automatic rotating handle is easy to operate.

vaginal rejuvenation machine

Treatment Area of Gynecology Beauty Equipment

Comprehensive treatment for vaginal tissue breakage, damage, relaxation and other issues can finally achieve the purpose of relieving and solving vaginal relaxation.

Effect of Gynecology Beauty Equipment

There is no need for multiple treatments, the effect of vaginal tightening machine before and after is very obvious, and there is no recovery period. After treatment, you can immediately enter normal life without affecting work and life.

Beauty Equipment for Gynecology
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