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What is Musculpting?

Musculpting is currently the only instrument that can increase muscle and reduce fat at the same time. In our daily life, if we want to create a very good-looking figure, we must first reduce the fat content in the body, so as to create our own beauty. Body shape, then for some slightly obese people, fat loss has become a difficulty. For many people, fat loss is difficult to persist, and it is far from reaching their expected results. Magnetic thinness can reduce fat and increase muscle At the same time, below, I will introduce the functions of magnetic slimming in detail.

Action Principle of Musculpting

1. Action Principle of Musculpting

Musculpting is a non-invasive, non-traumatic electromagnetic energy wave technology, which can safely enter the deep subcutaneous 7cm muscle tissue in a non-invasive way, trigger its motor neurons, and use nubway cryolipolysis electromagnetic energy technology to stimulate deep muscles During contraction, almost 100% of the muscle fibers are activated, while general exercise can only achieve 20% of the muscle fiber activity. At the same time, the strong contraction of muscles requires a lot of energy, which promotes the decomposition of a large number of fat cells to burn and consume fat.

2. Application Range of Musculpting

The electromagnetic wave technology that our portable cryolipolysis machine for sale employs can stimulate the contraction between muscles, so Musculpting can be applied to muscle building, people who want to shape vest lines, mermaid lines, and peach buttocks; at the same time, shaping improves the skin of the abdominal wall, thighs, etc. Relaxation makes the muscles of the whole body more compact; a large amount of energy consumed can also reduce fat, prevent obesity, make the body slim, maintain a young body, and enhance the body's metabolism; this machine can also be used in postpartum body repair and improve belly relaxation.

Application Range of Musculpting

Musculpting can reduce the amount of fat while increasing muscle and better exercise a tangible body.

As a leading beauty machine manufacturer in China, Beijing Nubway provides quality EMSculpt machine wholesale for dealers and home users all over the world. If you have any further questions, feel free contact us at any time!

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