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Why Picoseconds Are So Popular?

Picosecond is considered to be one of the most advanced laser instruments currently on the market, and has been very highly recognized in the market. Picosecond is mainly used in the treatment of skin pigmentation problems, such as tattoos, blackheads, acne and freckles, skin rejuvenation, etc. Relying on its own unique advantages, picosecond laser has won wide acclaim. Next, Beijing Nubway will introduce the advantages of nubway pico laser.

Why Picoseconds Are So Popular

1. Good effect

The treatment effect of picosecond laser is more obvious in a single session, so the number of treatments required for the entire course of treatment is also reduced, which greatly reduces the time and energy spent on treatment.

2. Small burns

Traditional Q-switched laser will inevitably damage surrounding normal cells during treatment, while Nubway's picosecond tattoo removal machine significantly reduces the damage to surrounding tissues, shortens the recovery period after treatment and reduces the risk of pigmentation.

3. High comfort

The laser energy emitted by the picosecond laser penetrates the surface of the skin and is directly absorbed by the pigment without strong pain. The treatment comfort is very high, and the incidence of adverse reactions is extremely low. The picosecond laser is currently the most comfortable treatment in the market of an instrument.

The three characteristics of picosecond laser make Nubway beauty equipment very popular in the market. When receiving treatment, you must consider whether you can receive treatment according to your actual situation. This machine is a laser instrument, and people with photosensitivity must not accept it. Treatment, and secondly, during pregnancy, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and scar constitution are also not allowed to receive treatment.

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