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PDT LED Skin Rejuvenation Machine

pdt led light therapy machine
pdt light therapy machine
pdt led machine
led pdt machine
pdt led light therapy machine pdt light therapy machine pdt led machine led pdt machine

LED Therapy is the therapeutic use of light to modulate cellular function to improve and quicken wound healing treat acne rejuvenate the appearance of skin,stimulate hair growth,improve local circulationmperform5-ALAphotodynamic therapy,and relieve pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.

The light is placed over the skin with no contact and is illuminated for a period of 15-30minutes,this allows absorption of photons into the target cellular components,resulting in the production of nes cellular energy.the response of the inflammatory-stage ceels is enhanced,and small proteins are released which support the growth,survival and differentiation of new cells.Contact us for more information about LED skin rejuvenation machine! 

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Specification of PDT LED Light Therapy Machine

Diode Quantity3000
Diode Power100mw/diode
LED ColorsRed Blue Yellow Orange Cyan Purple White
Screen8inch touch screen
working modePulse Mode/Continue Mode

Benefits of PDT LED Skin Rejuvenation Machine

High energy density

Using high-density light, it can penetrate into different layers of the skin and play different therapeutic effects.

Various colors

LED can emit 7 different colors of light, each light has a different effect.


This kind of professional led light therapy machine is a non-invasive treatment that does not damage skin tissue and does not require injections.

No side effects

There will be no skin burns, redness and swelling, and normal life can be maintained after treatment.

Smart system

The humanized design software system is easy to operate.

Easy to operate

The mechanical arm is sensitive and convenient to operate, and can meet the rotation in all directions.

Working Principle of PDT LED Skin Rejuvenation Machine

LED Instrument uses red, blue and yellow light with high-purity, high-power density to irradiate the skin, which can change the cell structure, kill bacteria, provide a suitable environment for new cells, enhance the production of new collagen elastin and collagen, and promote cell growth. It can repair inflammatory acne aging skin, relieve sunburned skin without harming the skin, whiten the skin and promote skin. The LED Light Therapy uses a narrow-spectrum light source to emit a cool light that does not produce high heat and will not burn the skin, converting light energy into intracellular energy so It is one of the safest and most effective instruments for the treatment of acne and skin rejuvenation.

Technology of PDT LED Skin Rejuvenation Machine

  • Single-arm LED, with a total of 5 lamp panels, each with 300 lamp beads, a total of 1500 lamp beads. Double-arm LED, a total of 10 light panels, a total of 3000 lamp beads. The lamp beads adopt three-color lamp beads, and each lamp can emit 3 kinds of light sources, red, yellow and blue.

  • The components of the whole machine are from well-known brands, the switching power supply is from Taiwan Mingwei, the emergency stop key switch is from Zhejiang Hongbo button, the air switch is from French Schneider, the safety seat is from Taiwan, the power socket is from Taiwan Rongfeng, and the power cord is from Zhejiang Cida, these devices have CE, UL, 3C and other quality certificates, and the quality is guaranteed.

  • The lamp board support arm of the whole machine conforms to the ergonomic design, the height and angle can be automatically switched freely, and multi-angle and multi-directional adjustment. According to customer needs, you can freely choose single-arm and double-arm products to meet the needs of different customers. The lamp housing is connected by a damping hinge, which can freely adjust the angle of the lamp panel without rebounding or falling. The adjustment is simple and convenient, and it is used for the adjustment of various angles. According to the irradiation position, the light panel can be adjusted to a suitable angle, which is convenient for use.

Applications of PDT LED Skin Rejuvenation Machine

  •  Eliminate freckles, sunburn, pigmentation, reduce sun-induced skin damage

  •  Treat acne, acne marks, folliculitis

  •  Reduce rosacea and telangiectasia in rosacea

  •  Smooth fine wrinkles, tighten loose aging skin

  •  Reduce large pores and improve rough skin

  •  Dull and dull skin with poor metabolism and poor circulation

  •  Eliminate fatigue, relieve stress, improve sleep, especially suitable for sub-healthy people

  •  Dander, hair follicle degenerative alopecia

  •  Recovery of mild facial nerve lesions

  •  Repair of damaged skin: skin repair after skin rejuvenation; repair after tattoo or tattoo allergy; instant repair of laser eyebrow washing and tattoo removal; sensitive skin repair; burns caused by excessive energy or improper operation of photon therapy , blisters, pigmentation and other symptoms of repair. the

  •  Anti-inflammatory, pain relief, promote wound healing, postoperative repair

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