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e light hair removal
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IPL+SHR+E Laser Light Machine
e light hair removal e light laser machine e light shr IPL+SHR+E Laser Light Machine

IPL+SHR+E light treatment is a new method of hair removal, skin whitening and rejuvenation that is virtually painless and free of side effects. The technology used in this IPL+SHR+E laser machine provides faster, safer and more comfortable treatment than other outdated lasers.

The IPL+SHR+E light machine is available in three modes, IPL, super hair removal E Light, and is a full-featured machine covering hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, redness, and treatment of active acne.Contact Beijing Nubway for more information on intense pulsed light machine . 


Specification of IPL+SHR+E-LIGHT Machine 

WavelengthSR 560-950nm, HR 640-950nm
Working modesIPL, SHR, E-light
IPL energy10-60j/cm2
Spot sizeSR:8*40mm, HR:15*50mm
SHR energy3-15j/cm2
SHR Frequency1-10Hz
SHR Pulse Width1-10ms
RF Power160W
RF energy1-50j
Screen size12.1inch
VoltageAC220V±10% 10A 50HZ
110V±10% 10A 60HZ

Benefits of IPL+SHR+E-LIGHT Machine


High energy and high density output, the energy can reach the deep hair follicles and be absorbed directly, the energy does not pass through the epidermis and will not damage the surrounding skin.


Sapphire contact cooling with excellent cold conduction reduces the risk of skin burns and increases treatment comfort.


Large light spot, 10HZ sliding treatment, more effective, shorten the treatment cycle of the whole course of treatment.


This IPL treatment machine comprehensively solves skin problems, integrating hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne removal, and anti-aging.


Using low-energy high-frequency fast sliding technology, it is really safe.

Multiple modes

Hair Removal, E-light, Ipl three modes can be switched freely to meet the needs of most customers.

Working Principle of IPL+SHR+E-LIGHT Machine

The theoretical basis of IPL SHR E light treatment is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. When IPL acts on the skin, the skin will produce a large amount of heat by absorbing light, thus promoting the regeneration of collagen and tightening of collagen fibers, as well as promoting blood circulation. It improves the dullness of the face, refines the pores and tightens the skin. The melanin selectively absorbs the laser emitted by IPL, producing an internal blast effect and photothermolysis effect, which destroys melanin cells, thus achieving the effect of hair removal.

Technology of IPL+SHR+E-LIGHT Machine

  • Using a 1500W high power output power supply, which can ensure fast luminous, energy does not decay

  • The whole IPL SHR E light machine adopts three 12000 UF high-capacity brand-new capacitors, which are not easy to damage and prolong the service life.

  • The use of a 9mm diameter xenon lamp can withstand high power, high-frequency use, not easy to fry the lamp, a service life of up to 1 million times.

  • Water tank using rotomolding process, clean and firm, durable, the use of water quality, rust and other issues will not occur in the process

  • Double row of large aluminum heat radiators, four high-power DC fans, can ensure that the water temperature is quickly reduced to ensure the use of the machine time

  • Handle light guide crystal using a quartz crystal, compared to k9 crystal, inverted cooling better, better coefficient of cold and thermal expansion, not easily affected by the temperature resulting in crystal damage

  • The handle of the refrigeration piece using a 108W high-powered refrigeration piece, can ensure the cooling capacity of the handle, to ensure the comfort of the cooling time.

  • The whole IPL SHR E light machine adopts double water flow detection, respectively, to detect the situation of the two handles of water, any way water flow problems, there will be a corresponding alarm.

  • The IPL SHR E light machine also adopts a waterproof structure, the water circuit and the circuit are separated, and all key components are specially waterproofed to avoid the destruction of the main electrical appliances

  • Handle and the machine connected parts using the rotary knob plugging the way, simple and convenient installation and replacement, the handle comes with an identification chip, after connecting the machine, the system will automatically identify the current handle

  • The connection between the handle and the machine is equipped with two distance sensors, when the handle is not fully connected to the machine, the machine does not recognize the handle, the pump will not start at this time, the circuit will not work to prevent damage to the machine by misuse.

Applications of IPL+SHR+E-LIGHT Machine

  • Hair removal: permanent removal of unwanted hair from the whole body

  • Skin rejuvenation: remove pigmentation, remove wrinkles, tighten skin, and whiten skin

  • Vascular treatment: removal of facial spider moles, acne treatment, facial redness treatment

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